Our Pastor

About our Pastor!

Pastor Brian Crump was born in El Paso, Texas.  He and his family lived in El Paso until he was 15 years old.  Pastor Crump, and his brother Alan, had the wonderful privilege of being raised in a Christian home by God fearing parents. 

While living in El Paso, the Crump family attended Hillcrest Baptist Church.  When Pastor Crump was 12 years old he received Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.  It was while attending a week long youth rally at his childhood church that he was confronted with his lost condition and called upon the Lord to forgive him of his sins.  That same summer while attending teen camp he surrendered to God’s call on his life to be in the ministry.

Pastor Crump graduated from Florida Baptist College with a Bachelor in Theology in Missions. It was during his studies there that the Lord brought he and his wife together. Pastor Crump and his wife Amanda were married the summer before their senior year.

Pastor Crump came on staff at Lighthouse Baptist Church in July 2010. He served as Associate Pastor under Bro. Mike Carney for 5 years. When the Carney family answered God’s call to be missionaries to Hungary, Pastor Crump knew that the Lord was calling him to become the Pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church. Pastor Crump has been the Pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church since July 2015. 

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